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Dec 5, 2012
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I got 4.4.2 ota this morning when I woke up. (northern Virginia) So far I notice the white icons in the task bar, and gps now says location instead of gps. it appears to run a tad bit faster then 4.3, but not 100% sure yet. My galaxy gear finally works properly, I'm getting all notifications and the proximity feature that unlocks your phone automatically when you are within a foot from the phone and then locks the phone when you get 5ft away is working flawlessly. Before I use to have to wave the watch in front of the phone for it to pick it up.

I've also noticed the lock screen looks a little different and now allows you to launch the camera, messaging, browser and phone directly from the lock screen. When you don't pick a default app to perform certain tasks and you always choose an app manually and choose just once, now it remembers your last choice and will highlight it. However you'll still get to manually pick your app until you choose a default app for the task. There is also a few more setting options. When you pull down your notification tray by default the tray shows from the bottom up, so basically you see your notification without having to scroll down. When listening to music, the album art is full page and looks very nice.

Issues that I've seen and not sure it it's the update or not but my note 2 has frozen 3 times and restarted by itself when I had several apps running. The biggest problem I have is for some reason my Samsung account won't sync anymore! I get an error message saying "sync is currently experiencing problems, will be back shortly. And my last sync was 5 minutes before I updated to 4.4.2! Will update with further analysis when I have more time with it.

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