4K UHD smartphone displays - Pointless or drool-worthy?


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Jul 4, 2014
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I think the general "real" public is beginning to feel the allure of 4K tech, too. Maybe not so much re. smartphones but most definitely as an option for televisions. QVC, for example, was doing a hard sell of two LG 4K TVs all Labor Day weekend, a 55" and a 65" version. Best Buy also has quite a collection of 4K TVs in stock, and a number of them are actually fairly "affordable," especially for folks with a BB credit card and a decent amount of available credit.

Granted, none of that means that there'll be a hue and cry for 4K displays on phones anytime soon, but I wouldn't be surprised to see an increasing amount of hype directed at 4K televisions this Xmas shopping season.

It's a natural progression to a higher resolution, not only for the techno geeks but for the general public. It's not about seeing the pixels, it's about seeing more in the pictures and videos.

Clarity and depth of field are noticeable, even on a 5.5" device if the implementation in the hardware and software are done correctly.

The whole thing will be which oem does it best, and which has the least amount of battery drain.

People who think that 4k isn't necessary don't understand it and base everything on yesterday's technology and software. This is just the tip of the iceberg with 4k and it will only get better here on. Someone had to take a stab at it, and Sony has gotten there first. That doesn't mean it will be the best or what all 4k smartphones will be like...

While there isn't a great deal of content right now, there will be more coming out... You can take that to the bank.

It's certainly not pointless, and I am drooling over the future offerings

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