5 screens instead of 7? Phone widget question too...


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Sep 8, 2011
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New here and new to the Bionic (although have been having a love affair with my Droid X for the last 2 years). I just realized that the Bionic only has 5 home screens. Is there a way to get it to display 7?

Also, I had my Droid X set up to quickdial people (displays picture of contact on top, then long vertical menu with home phone, cel and email). I liked having to touch only 1 place to have my contact be dialed up since I make phone calls from the car often. I don't like the new contacts menu on the Bionic (which houses some 20+ contacts pictures but then you have to hit 2 submenus to finally make call).

Is there a way to change the Bionic's speed dial of contacts to be like the Droid Xs was? Thank you!

Katherine in San Diego

PS: Cosco in Carlsbad had a LOT of phones in today...