-50% for Bedside Alarm Clock & GPS Speed Tracker


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Oct 4, 2011
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Looking for a perfect gift for your Father? How about a cool mobile app for his phone or tablet?

We have two great apps on sale that will make your Father really proud and happy.

Speed Tracker. Most accurate GPS Speedometer, HUD and best Trip Computer.


Your Dad drives a lot in his classic car? He will appreciate this app. It is a great tool to log driving trips and collect driving statistics about speed , distance traveled, elevation, see you routes on map and review speed graph. Unique HUD feature lets you reflect the speed on windshield just like in fighter jet. This amazing app will be on sale for 50% off regular price for the entire weekend until Monday, June 18th. Grab it!


Bedside Alarm Clock

Turn you Android device into stylish and feature packed Alarm Clock!
50% off for the entire weekend until Monday, June 18th.


Enjoy gorgeous and stylish LED display by your bedside.

-Stylish LED display with customizable LED color
-Landscape/Portrait orientation
-12 or 24 Hour time display
-Day of the week display


-Set unlimited customizable repeatable Alarms
-Choose from 14 built in high quality alarm sounds
-Set a song from your music library as alarm sound
-Use a timer function to have a quick nap
-Set snooze duration
-Slide to stop alarm to prevent accidental

Sleep Machine

-Set playing time up to 3 hrs
-Choose from 5 high quality relaxing sound tracks
-Play your own music

Download it!