A couple of issues....


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May 11, 2011
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Last week I was playing around with some custom roms. I was unable to get onto the Verizon Wireless network after putting the rom on my phone, so I went back to stock (i downloaded the stock ROM off the web). I am currently on 4.1.1 (see screenshot below.) I found I was using the incorrect roms for my phone.

My question is, after getting back onto the stock rom I no longer have the menu on the middle/left available on the screen (there was a toggle button you would click and a drawer would come out). I also notice when i hold down the back button for 2 seconds I am not prompted with the multi window feature...

Any idea as to why this is? Did I download an older stock rom? Any help would be appreciated. I did disable a few apps from running but have re-enabled them all and still no luck.



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Oct 21, 2010
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You Sure the toggle isn't there? You slide the toggles to the left? Where did you get this stock image. It appears to be correct though. What did you flash that made you lose access?

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