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Feb 4, 2011
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Okay, Basically I'm trying to choose a new phone and a new carrier and could use some input from the community.

I'm currently with AT&T with my Wife. We both have Iphone 4s. We've both have had the phone since the June launch and we've had every iPhone prior to that. We've also had HTC hero, Samsung Galaxy S and Palm Pre. So we've had a lot of different phones and tried a lot of different OS. I am currently Eligable for an Upgrade, my wife is not until Feb 2012.

In general ATT service is fine, data speeds however are abysmal. We are located in St. Louis and unless its a really obscure hour I'm basically pulling .5 mbps or less download and upload. I use on average 5GBs a month so thats a lot of waiting.

We also are Grandfathered in on their Unlimited 3g Data for $30/m

So to break it down from my perspective...

For Sprint...

We both tried the Galaxy S II Epic 4g Touch and really really liked the phone. We got decent service and had decent speeds in our hometown. No real complaints.

The benefits to switching to Sprint would be...

They give a $125 port credit per line until Oct 1. This would take care of the entire ETF.

We could get two Galaxy S II Epic 4g Touch's for $190 TOTAL. A pretty spectacular deal.

Our overall monthly bill would be around $40 cheaper a month.

The downsides are that this is a two year contract, Sprint is the least future proof of the three networks and their current "4G" is very spotty and unreliable in St. Louis.

As for Verizon...

The benefits to Switching to Verizon would be...

We get 4G LTE out here and it's absolutly blazing fast.

Our overall monthy bill would be around $15-$20 cheaper a month then ATTs.

Excellent Coverage

The Downsides would be limited data (5GB plan would be my cap) and we'd have to pay a few hundred in ETFs

As for AT&T...

The benefits to staying are...

We are grandfathered in our Unlimited Data Plans

We get excellent service albeit terrible data speeds

Their deploying LTE

When they/if they acquire T-Mobile we'll see a large data speed increase (T-Mobile is super fast out here)

So, I not only have to try and choose a service I have to try and choose a phone... It boils down to a few choices..

iPhone 5 - Yes, Yes this is an android website but unless their is a major revision (not the rumored 4s) I won't even consider this an option. However, if their is a major revision it may be a tempting option as apple hasn't ever wronged me in the past.

Epic Touch 4g - Gorgeous phone, Loved the time I spent with it, the smoothest android experience I've ever had. Amazing camera.

AT&Ts GS2 - Not quite as good or physically attractive as sprints...

Rumored Nexus Prime - Potential Choice if I went with Verizon.

Finally... Timing... Sprints port credit ends Oct 1st...Apples conference isn't until (rumor) October 4th. I won't really have a full picture by then and I hate making a 2 year commitment without all the information.

I'd just like some users input and I appreciate any I get. THANK YOU!

Moscow Desire

Mar 3, 2011
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Geeze, just take your money, slap it on the table, and get the device you like.

If you're worried about spotty coverage while at home, then choose the carrier that has better coverage.

All the devices, do the same thing. Make calls, send sms, sport a calendar and some branded apps. In the end, they all do the same thing. If you're worried about image, get a samsung GSII4G. Closest thing to an iPhone as far as looks. And we all know, iPhones will drop a zipper faster than butter through hot skillets.

As far as a data plan, I would think 2g per month is plentiful, unless you want to download streaming video and music, which you can do at most places with free Wifi.I can't imagine sitting at home, streaming video through my phone, when I have a perfectly good internet connection.

But if you like to tinker, and perhaps root and try custom Roms, then you'll need to do more homework, and select a device "tinker" friendly.

As with "future" devices, and what's coming around the corner, this is an age old story. There will always be a greater device coming.

Photon or GSII4G, those are what I would consider getting.

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