A few questions about the Nexus One and T-Mobile.


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Mar 17, 2010
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:confused:I'm very close to taking the plunge and getting a Nexus One (depending on where the Desire ends up), but I've got a few questions. I plan on getting it unlocked and going on T-Mobile Even More Plus plan because it seems like the cheapest option.

1) Can I use the Nexus One on just the talk and text plan? I kow they won't let you if you go for the contract, but what if you don't? And if you can how hard is it to change plans? (ie, having data one month and not the next). Can I do it online or just call up and say "drop the data?"

Basically, I'm going back to school in the fall, and not only will I be on a more limited income, but I'll also be in a WiFi heavy area. I was planning on just getting a dumbphone, but if I could get a phone like the Nexus and then drop the data, that would be great.

2) If I can do the Nexus without a data plan, is there a setting on the phone to make sure I don't try to connect to the network and only do data over WiFi? I don't want to incur any nasty charges.

3) What's the best way to go about setting my phone up? Just order the phone from Google and order the SIM card from tmobile.com? Can I call to get it activated or do I have to actually go to a T-Mobile store?

Thanks in advance. I imagine I'll have more questions later but for now this is it.
1) You may want to confirm with a t-mobile representative at the store, but my understanding is that if you pre-pay for the phone (unsubsidized), they won't force you into any particular plan.

2) I'm not sure about this. An option might explore is to see if T-Mobile can turn off all data via the cellular connection.

3) Just order it from Google (without the subsidy). When it arrives, it's probably easiest to go down to the T-Mobile place an have them give you a sim card and activate it.

Hope this helps.


Mar 19, 2010
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If you buy the phone outright for $529 then they do not force you into a certain plan, only when you get it for the 179.99 with two year upgrade/contract. Just ordered mine this morning and it should be here tomorrow. Can't wait.


Mar 11, 2010
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1. If you aren't taking a discount from T-Mobile for a device, you are technically not obligated. While it's a great experience to have data anywhere you have service, T-Mobile doesn't force you to purchase the corresponding data plan if you paid full price for your device.

2. With T-Mobile, you won't get charged for data usage when you don't have a data plan. You won't be able to access the web more than likely. It should give you an error and show you a web2go message asking you to purchase a data package. Set up your Wi-Fi when you get to the area in which it will be used and it will be a saved location. Every time you're in that area it will automatically pick it up from that point on.

3. Order your phone first. Once you get the device, go to your local T-Mobile retail store and tell them you want to sign up for an Even More Plus plan. They will run your credit (unless you refuse) and start your account. They'll give you a SIM card only, since you already have the device. I suggest adding insurance when asked, but that's entirely up to you. They'll ring your SIM card out and then you're ready to go. Pop the SIM in your Nexus One, and it's game time.

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