A problem with obb file resigning at Google Play (I guess)


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Jul 15, 2019
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Okay, guys, I am really stuck with this problem for about a month now! Maybe someone had something similar or can give me some advice – any help would be greatly appreciated!

in June I've made a minor update to my app and from then nothing works like it should. It had a lot of bugs, sometimes the game didn't even started. The bugs are different but the main thing is like some resources are missing (pictures, music etc.). The bugs are different every time. In fact, I can make 2 builds one after another and they will have different bugs. Important note: I changed literllay NOTHING from my previous configuration that I have built my last successful update.

All my builds are working perfectly without Google Play! I do a build, then install it on the phone and do not have any problems. The problems start when uploading it to Google Play and then downloading it to the device. First, when this happened, all my users had the same bug, so I had to hide my app, and now it's not available to the public. All the following builds had this problem too, so downgrading didn't help either. It's like something changed in Google Play in June!

My game is made using Unity3D, though I've just uploaded a new build on a whole different engine (with the same keystore etc.) and it doesn't work either! My game uses an obb file, so I guess Google does something on its side and then my game doesn't work. When I just replaced an obb file downloaded from Google Play with the one from my PC (it's the same file, I've just uploaded to Google Play!) everything works!

I repeat myself: I've tried EVERYTHING! All the possible build settings, even different engines!

If I just install the game on the phone without Google Play, it works perfectly everytime! Then again, when I upload it to Google Play and then download it, it doesn't work properly or works at all!

More info here: https://forum.unity.com/threads/my-app-when-downloaded-from-google-play-doesnt-work.700853/


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Feb 12, 2012
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Those errors (I read the log) look like Unity errors, so that's what you should be looking at. Try with Ren'Py and see if you get the same errors or different ones. That may help you to narrow down what's causing the error.