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Accessibility trick


Trusted Member
Apr 12, 2012
I'm amazed that people find this useful. All of it is redundant with easier ways to access. Different strokes for different folks -- it is what I love about Android though, multiple ways to accomplish tasks.

Yes, of course I had to try it. And then I changed it back. It's quite obviously made for people with some kinds of disabilities.


Oct 29, 2018
Has it been determined if the accessibility trick increases battery usage?


New member
Dec 8, 2018
I turned it on for a while and decided to turn it off. Some of the shortcuts are useful like sound and screenshot. For sound, I have the Google Fibric case on so pressing the volume buttons requires a very firm press. It is easier to press the little guy and then volume. For screenshot, the same thing. But I came from a Samsung where the back button is where the little guy is. I am still getting used to hitting the back button on the left side so I still often will try to press the right side. If nothing happen, I will go to the left side, but it is annoying that that the menu came up.