Accessory Decisions


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Sep 4, 2011
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I have an OG Droid (on its last legs) with two desktop docks (one for work and one next to my bed at home), an extra battery (not extended), and a car dock/charger.

I'm waiting impatiently for the Bionic next week and am trying to figure out what I need/want as far as accessories.

I don't use the car dock all that often, only occasionally so I'm not sure if I NEED it. I am expecting that my current car charger (not the dock) should still work w/ the Bionic as well. Heck I can charge my Kindle w/ it so it is a pretty standard charger!

I tend to use my extra battery for day long outings (Walt Disney World, etc) otherwise it stays in my purse for weeks, sometimes months, at a time. It seems like the extended battery would possibly be a better fit for me.

A standard or HD dock is going to be necessary...probably two like I have now. My thinking was to get one standard and one HD based upon my current use, but maybe that use would change and I should have two HD docks?

While the Lapdock looks amazing, I'm not sure I can rationalize the purchase. Definitely not a purchase to be made right now!

I've been looking at the Costco bundle deal ("free" standard dock, car dock, & extra battery w/ charger) and comparing that to purchasing the upgraded accessories (HD dock(s), extended charger) with my 25% corporate discount w/ Verizon along w/ the $30 NE2 I get off my phone.

It is such a difficult decision to make since we have no pricing as of yet (unless I missed it?).

Does anyone have any thoughts about which will be the better deal? I know it is great to get all the free stuff but if I really need/want the upgraded items and may not really use the car dock all that much...maybe getting everything from Verizon is the smarter choice?