Acer A100 wont load roms


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Jun 2, 2012
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I used an app to uninstall a few bloatware apps as well as a few other system files i didnt think i needed. The problem is i did need them i just didnt know it, before you start with "you should never" i know, ok? I am a huge minimalist i HATE clutter, that is exactly what came with my tablet, call me crazy but i figured i own the hardware why are there more of your apps installed than mine..

I am a little irritated because i have purchased a few apps to try and correct the problem and none have been able to restore rom back ups that i have created or even added (ics, acer stock rom, ect), this is probably due to the missing system files. Does anyone know where i can find a list of all the acer a100 stock apps? and how do i check my version of android or vangogh or whatever. Obviously i am far from a seasoned rooter or even tablet user.

When i do try to install or recover sometimes i get to the android with the cogs then a yellow yield sign and a long pause before powering down, other times i just get the yield sign. I currently own Rom Toolbox ( i do not recommend btw) and titanium backup which i do recommend. I am currently rooted. Is there any information i am not giving that you need?

The tablet runs fine but i cannot update nor can i use other roms. I would accept going back to the dreaded stock bloatware state in exchange for these abilities.
My game plan is to search through all the system apps that originally came installed and reinstall them, am i on the right course?

Thanks in advance guys, btw if someone can help me recover my tablet to either a non-Overclocked or original stock rom id be happy to "buy a beer" or six pack even.

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