Action Memo disappears if open for a while


Jul 14, 2011
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So, has anyone else experienced this? If I leave an action memo open for a while, it'll suddenly disappear! The thing is it doesn't save the note, so whatever it was that I had scribbled in there, it's gone, too.

Most of the time I'll open up the memo, jot something down, minimize the note (the little floating icon), and then come back, jot some more, minimize again. Well, if I leave the note 'floating' for too long (I don't know how long, though), the note just disappears, as if the system decided to 'kill' Action Memo because I wasn't using it, losing the included notes with it. :(

a good question

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Mar 31, 2016
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I came here for that very answer! I really like the Snote feature on my phone, a Note 4, very handy for work, on the go thoughts and notes for different people, days, etc. The action memo is perfect for what I do but it hurts when a days worth of general notes gets lost....
I too have noticed that after a prolonged period, within 24 hours but not sure as to exactly how long, my minimized sticky note, action memo, disappears. I thought maybe it did that after charging but noticed it at other times. I'd really like to know why that happens, since it is not saved in the action memo file, and can it be controlled with a setting? At the least, what are the program time parameters on open action memos?
I've lost some important notes that way!