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Mar 8, 2010
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Does anyone know if the active is prone to the same issues the Galaxy Watch is? If not why isn't Galaxy Watch being fixed? I still get very frustrated. I would have never switched from Fitbit Ionic if I didn't have serious connectivity issues with my phone. Galaxy watch is beautiful, has great faces, is comfortable and works well for calls and messaging (mine is Bluetooth). But as a fitness and health watch as advertised it is seriously lacking. For the most part it stops there. I thought by know we would have had a few fixes and it would be killer. So far we have had one major update and all it fixed for me was heart rate detecting. Sort of. On rare occasions it still licks on a super high reading and takes a reboot to fix. 98% of the time it seems fine. One thing I notice is that it takes forever to get that always on HR detecting after charging (with or without a reboot). Fitbit is 10x quicker. Step tracking is terrible unless you start an activity. It recirds fine for my daily walks when I start the excersize but if I wait for autodetect I lose steps. I understand losing a few from the recorded exercise but not from my overall exercise. As just a casual step tracker it's horrible. It loses anywhere from 500 to 2000 and above steps walking casual during the day. My phone, the Ionic, which I borrowed briefly for comparison, and my so s high priced Garmin are my h, much better and all were within 50 to 75 steps of each other. That sounds like a lot but not when compared to the Galaxy Watch. Plus the others both allow you to set your stride length. Doing so greatly improves accuracy. I did it with the Ionic. We went to a US football field and my son counted my steps for 20 yards. We divided 60 feet by my number of strides to get a fairly accurate average stride length. Why doesn't Samsung have stride settings or am missing it? I mowed the lawn yesterday which I know from experience takes over 4000 steps. The Galaxy measured about 1300 and detected some sort of exercise twice. Once for 10 minutes (I am guessing it was trimming around our apple trees as it's lots of pushing/pulling the mower back and forth. And another for 4 minutes. Trimming by the garage? No idea really. My phone got my 4000 plus steps as it should. It is a bit frustrating. It's not a cheap watch. The software, especially the heart tracking software, is also inferior. On the Ionic I could track heart rate down to a eeg type graph, which you can sort of do on Samsung, but I could click anywhere on that graph to tell me the time and heart rate at that point on the graph. Samsung is not as exact. Now Fitbit had serious warts. It supported less phones directly and many, including myself, had frequent connectivity issues that required resets, software uninstall and Bluetooth removal and redetect, often multiple times a day. My son has no issues with it on his phone. The fact that some third party apps correct some issues tells me it software. But we sit here with an out if date Tizen version and no fixes after many months.

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