Advice needed regarding running Android apps on Win 7 tablet


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Nov 30, 2014
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I just purchased a used, ruggedized 7" tablet that runs windows 7. I will use this tablet as a dedicated GPS on my motorcycles. I greatly prefer the current Android GPS navigation apps over the current crop of windows compatible GPS navigation software.

So, my question(s) all pertain to how best to get Android apps to work on this tablet:

1) I could run them via an Android emulator, such as bluestacks. I have no experience with these type programs, so I have no idea how this would work.
2) Is it possible to do a clean install of some version of the Android OS on this tablet? Again, never done it, so I have no idea how well it would work.
3) I have heard that the Nokia "Here" GPS app is pretty good, but as best I can tell they do not offer a windows 7 version. Does anyone know where a windows 7 version can be found?
4) Perhaps some of the Android GPS apps are offered in a windows 7 version as well? Although I do not know how to determine this.
5) Something else?

Any help is appreciated.
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