Advice on my Note 10+...

Should I keep this phone?

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Aug 23, 2014
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As others have stated, that over-saturation you prefer is something Samsung or no OEM is really doing anymore. Accuracy won out over fake colors. Honestly, you probably prefer that b/c you've been looking at it for so long. With a little time your eyes will adjust to a more natural looking display. I'm sure it's a huge shock coming from such an over-saturated phone, but in the long run you'll be getting a more quality display.

As for advice, I wouldn't pretend to tell you what is best for you. I would say get something newer whatever else that may be to what you've got only for your security. There are so many things that have been patched over the years that your Note 3 has never seen.


Dec 2, 2019
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OK... I tried watching videos on both phones last night. The Note 10+ was clearly brighter, so videos looked better on it. The Note 3 looked like it has a slight yellow-ish tint. So watching videos is more pleasant on the 10+. I still prefer how the pictures look with higher saturation, but I think I can live with it. So, I'm going to stick with the 10+. I've seen comparison videos with the OnePlus and Google Pixel, and they don't look any better than the 10+. And as others have said, no other phones will be as saturated as the Note 3. Furthermore, sale period is already over, anyway. I'll settle with this. Thanks to those who commented!

By the way, should I take off the screen protector, front and back? I already got a small scratch on the front. This phone resists scratches well, I hope. I'll get a case, too, so I guess the back cover won't be necessary, either?

if this was such a deal breaker for you, should have done the research before hand.

Hey, it's not like I just walked into a store and grab the phone because it's new. I did do research about it before buying it. I've heard it has wonderful screen, but not a single word about the toned down saturation level. That's something I have never heard or seen any articles of. I don't follow phone news often, so I didn't know saturation was an issue for people.

Just from the standpoint of that's a very, very long time to have a device. And I commend you for that.. It's certainly not something i could do.

I could keep using it for another year or so, if I wish, honestly. XD Most of my devices (game, laptop) last at least 4 years. How often do people switch to new phones?

Honestly, you probably prefer that b/c you've been looking at it for so long. With a little time your eyes will adjust to a more natural looking display. I'm sure it's a huge shock coming from such an over-saturated phone, but in the long run you'll be getting a more quality display.

I'll probably get used to looking at it, but I can still tell the difference. My laptop and TV are still more saturated. Lol.


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Aug 19, 2016
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I think you made the right call in keeping the Note10+. I have had the Note 2,3,5,8 and now 10+. Each one I have had has gotten better. This phone is fast and sleek looking. probably the 2 things I love best. The saturation issue is most likely because you haven't seen the gradual change that each Samsung phone has made away from it to natural colors. As you explore the 10+ you will get to know it's capabilities and I know you will appreciate it. Especially at that price you paid!!! 😎


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Sep 20, 2019
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Got a Note 10+ at launch - decided it was too big and returned it shortly after - the display did impress me though. After trying several other phones - re-bought a Note 10+ with the BF deal - I will be keeping this one - it is an awesome phone that makes me happy - happy = "worth it".

Case will be here tomorrow, I'll activate it, and adapt to what it has to offer. The phone is way too slippery for me to even think of using w/o a case.
I did try holding it caseless last night while watching TV, as others have mentioned here - I was right - that is just plain weird - 🙄


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Mar 20, 2013
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Hello guys,

Hoping to get some advice about my Note 10+. I just bought a Note 10+ on Wednesday at Costco for $680 (tax included). I was switching from Note 3, had it for 6 years already, and everyone I asked before buying said that I should make the jump. And honestly, I thought I was getting a tremendously wonderful deal, too. It's almost 50% off the initial price. I knew that it lacks the headphone jack and no replaceable battery, but I was willing to let that slide. What I wasn't prepared for: its color saturation is lower than the previous phone.

To be honest, I love display with high color saturation. I turn it on to maximum on my TV and laptop. Loved the Note 3 more than the old iphone because of this, too. So when I started using the Note 10, I noticed something was off. Knew right away it was the color. Before you ask, yes, I did switch to the vivid setting, fiddle around with the warm/cool slider, turn blue filter on and off. Nope, no matter what I do, the color still can't match the Note 3. Worse is that the white started looking for my like yellow, so I dialed it back to just vivid. Now, I am frustrated. Feeling regrets. So I paid almost 700 bucks for what is supposed to be an upgrade, but not really. It lacks headphone jack, replaceable battery, and a worse screen. Sorry, but I have yet to see much improvements the WQHD has over the FHD or whatever the Note 3 has. In fact, I think some of the wallpapers look kind of blurry and grainy if I look at them carefully. Guess this is due to the resolution of the wallpaper? I'm not sure if I should live with this or not.

All the data already got transferred to the Note 10+. Got a new SIM card, so my old Note 3 can't call anymore. Spent quite some time and effort waiting in line at Costco, having to come back 2 days because they ran out of stock. Bought it at Bestbuy and returned it to save some money. It's not like I use my phone for anything complicated, either. Just some basic tasks. My Note 3 has screen burn-in at the bottom, and I had to replace its battery once this year. It's probably on its way out, so I was hoping to get a future-proof replacement. I probably could have gotten the Note 8 on Amazon I read some of their reviews and it doesn't seem safe to buy phones from there.

Now, I'm not sure what to do. Should I live with this Note 10+? Do I return it (if I can) and wait or get a Note 8 somewhere? Seems like phones are getting more and more expensive every year, though... Either I upgrade now or I spend money later. I'm just not sure if this Note 10+ is worth keeping... Is Samsung going to increase their phone's saturation next year? Will they bring back the headphone jack? Was this a good purchase? That's what I am wondering right now. Funny, isn't it? Of all the things people worry about when choosing a phone, I'm worried about the screen and saturation the most. I don't even care about phones that much, lol. Maybe in the future, I'll just get a flip phone with physical buttons.

Man, that was a lengthy post... Well, hope to hear some nice advice from you guys!
You could also get a Note 9....