Alarm issues


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Jan 8, 2010
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So, last night, I did my first root without the assistance of DM or SM, and I was quite pleased, with both myself and my new sweet smoked glass theme :)

The only problem was as soon as I got it all said and done, my alarm starts going off..I shut the alarm off, and make sure I don't have any set for 6:00pm, and I don't, it was my 6:00am alarm going off in the pm instead..

I got so nervous about the alarm not going off in the am that I just went back to stock..I only got half an hour into my root and had to go back..

My question is..has this happened to anyone else? If I go back to smoked glass was it just one fluke? or would I have to set my alarms for pm so they set off in the morning??