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Aug 26, 2010
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I've used the Amazon Appstore since the day it was available. Have a ton of applications, most of which are not great but I have them anyway. I've even purchased applications from there as well.

When I had my Epic I never really seemed to have any real issues with the Appstore. Lately maybe since the ui change it runs really sluggish on my Nexus, Xoom and Prime.

I started checking the battery stats and would notice the Appstore accounting anywhere from 5 - 10% of the battery cycle and I didn't even open the application. I have notifications turned off as well. I counted 19 applications I had installed on my phone from the Appstore all of which were ad free / paid.

Yesterday I just went ahead and removed the applications and Appstore from my phone completely. Purchased a few of the applications from Google that I used frequently but I'm not sure if I want to do the same on the tablets because I have a lot of kids applications on those that I do not want to purchase. Plus the battery lasts much longer on the tablets.

Have any of you noticed unusual battery drain from the Appstore lately? Why is it running in the background so much? Is it something to do with my Nexus or ICS? It's unfortunate you can't log in and out of the app. Also that it must be installed to run the apps is a bummer too. The thing I don't like is Amazon offers some applications ad free that Google doesn't so I'm stuck with ads if I want that app. I've typically found my experience with to be very good but this one is turning quickly.

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