AmazonWireless updated shipping estimate


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May 21, 2012
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Just got an update from AmazonWireless on the status of my white HTC One X. They've kindly split the shipment up for faster delivery, so I'll get the car adapter and the sim card on Wednesday May 30. The phone, however, will be here sometime between June 12 and June 19!

Any idea if this is just a guess on Amazon's part or if it's based on info from the ITC?


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Jun 24, 2011
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You have no one to thank other than Apple! :p

Hope you see it sooner! You never know!

Enjoy the device when you finally get it in your hands!

The Kernel

Mar 26, 2012
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I am also waiting on my White HTC One X from AmazonWireless. I gave the Lumia 900 a try and WP has great potential, but I'm using the "one-time exception" exchange policy that they don't publish to get the HOX.

I called yesterday and my estimated delivery date window is June 1 to June 8. It's probably earlier than yours because I placed the order a while ago and it seems like the handsets are trickling in as Customs inspects them.

AmazonWireless has been awesome throughout this entire process, I have never used them before and was pretty skeptical. For those of you worried about how the Customs delay affects your 30-day window, I called AmazonWireless knowing I wouldn't want to return my Lumia 900 until I got the HOX and they happily gave me 30 days from when I receive the HOX to get the Lumia 900 back in their hands. Also, no AT&T Upgrade Fee or restocking fee (or return shipping fee).