Android 4.0.3 External Keyboard Issue


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Dec 26, 2016
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I have Vida IT Bellatrix tablet (model: WM8850-mid) with Android 4.0.3. Some years ago bought a keyboard case cover for the tablet. There is standard USB connection between these two devices. In the beginning and during the years this external keyboard worked well with the tablet. Then this year it stopped working suddenly so nowadays the tablet doesn't recognize the external keyboard. This can be verified by USB host controller. However, USB memory stick and mouse work when connected through the USB port.

I even bought a new keyboard case cover with micro USB connection because I thought the previous keyboard is faulty. Now I know it's not. The problem is that this tablet does not recognize external keyboard at all although on-screen keyboard works. I have tried some apps like Null Keyboard and AnySoftKeyboard but these have not solved this issue.

In addition, I have rooted this device and installed an app that shows system info. For example the system configuration shows the following info:

Hard keyboard hidden: YES
Keyboard: NOKEYS
Keyboard hidden: NO

It looks like the external keyboard is hidden so this is why the tablet doesn't recognize the keyboard. I suppose these settings are the main reason for this issue.

Now I ask how to change these settings and where to find them? I have an editor but haven't found appropriate files. Is there another way to change these settings?

It's a pity there is no device manager available for Android. It would make these hardware issues so much easier to solve.
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