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Android App Development help please

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Android Central Question

Hello, I am looking Android App Development help please.
I would like to make an Android TV box app and was wondering if I can get some help creating one with the following requirements;
1) Looking for a Template, for starters, so I don't have to code one from scratch since I have no idea of what I'm doing :)
2) Configure the app to utilize a Username/Password which verifies the account on a server database that I control.
3) Hopefully it will be easy to include a link within the code that reaches out to an XML file on my server or whatever where I have a list of Video Streams/Feeds that the app reads and you can select what video you want to play.
Thank you


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Jun 10, 2014
I recommend registering as a member and engaging in our Developers forums. Would you like me to move this to Developers Lounge?