Android Auto and Google Play Music (Accessing Library/Stations)


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Jun 29, 2016
Hello all!
I recently got a 2016 Civic with Android Auto, and managed to set it all up (did not take long). Quick question however:

I do have a subscription to Google Play Music, but I don't see the reason behind it at the moment. Before you click the back button, please note, this isn't a topic about weather Google Play Music is worth the price of admission, it is about the functionality of the subscription on Android Auto.

In any case; I have roughly 15,000 of my own songs, mainly in Russian, on GPM, and I have noticed that it basically plays them instead of the radio in GPM.
When I select GPM from the audio sources in AA, I get "Music for Driving", and a small subset of radio stations, of which the majority are not to my liking (It's mostly Rap).

When I access GPM from the Web or the Android App (From my phone), it's a lot more open, I have the ability to "Browse Stations" which gives me anything from Genres, to moods and decades, the selection is a 100-fold larger than AA allows me to access.

In any case, is there ANY way to access this library of music? Or play music by Genre from AA's version of GPM? Can I say "Play me _____________" to play a radio station?

How do you access your library of songs? As mentioned, I have about 15,000 songs, but almost none of them are in a playlist, from what I see, I can't select to play by Artist, Album or Song. I can ask it to play "Blah" - but unfortunately, this sometimes fails gloriously - such as "Play Amaranthe" (a band) - it replies "Okay, Playing 'A Mare an thin'" - then launches some random song from GPM's library that is not even close to the band I chose, or the wording it interpreted.

Please let me know!

Phil Nickinson

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Apr 21, 2009
For now, it's all about voice. Google supposedly is working on expanding how it all works though.


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Jun 29, 2016
Thanks! I hope there is new functionality down the road! I also hope that the cars will still support AA down the road (no pun intended). I will try and see the voice commands, see if they work for Play Genre.


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Jan 25, 2011
I have really good luck with adding any music I listen to to playlists. This could be my own music or the google play music. From there is just a matter of using google and saying "Play {playlist name}". That's been working out great for me.

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