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Sep 29, 2013
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My 10E is running OS 11. I have the latest versions of google maps and AA. Sounds for Google Assistant, Pandora, Spotify and my podcast app work without issue. The car is a Honda CRV 2019. The car is new to me so I haven't had experience using AA before with this phone.

The phone is connected via Bluetooth and USB. Navigation settings have sound and voice set to louder. Play over Bluetooth and Play voice during calls is turned on. The phone has to be connected via USB for maps to show on the display. Playing a test sound on the phone you hear loud clear audio when not connected to the car. Playing a test sound using the settings when plugged into the Honda head unit I hear nothing even though it appears to be trying. I do get turn by turn visually just no audio.

I've tried Waze and voice navigation isn't playing for it either.

I've tried Honda forums and come up with nothing. Called Honda dealers and they aren't aware of the problem or fix. I'm now wondering if it has something to do with the specific phone.

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