Android File Transfer & Samsung S8+ phone to/from Mac - it half works.


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Jul 21, 2017
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Using Android File Transfer
I’ve been using it for years, transferring photos, files, music between my Samsung Note 4 phone and Mac computer. Then I bought a Samsung S8 Edge phone and AFT would only move things from Mac to phone BUT not in the other direction.

When trying to send photos from S8 phone to the Mac I got this message:
‘Nothing to Import. None of these files can be imported into your Photos library.’
They also wouldn’t transfer to the desktop. They were all ordinary jpg files.
The Mac was running OS X El Capitan Version 10.11.6

I followed advice I found here: -usb-debugging-on-android.html
Essentially, it said:
Go to Settings About Phone Scroll to Build number. Press 7 times to open Developer. Go back to Settings then to Developer mode. Scroll down. See USB configuration. Change it from MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) to PTP (Photo Transfer Protocol).

That opened a blank page on the Mac, and still said ‘None of these files can be imported.’

So I tried it on the Samsung Note 4 phone, and with PTP enabled, the photos all rapidly imported to the Mac iPhotos.

However, I still couldn’t drag pdf files to the desktop. And when I double-clicked on an individual file it wouldn’t open – the pop up message said I had to drag it to the desktop first. Which it wouldn’t let me do.

Still, I was slightly mollified because the photos did transfer rapidly to the Mac iPhotos.
(After I’d imported the photos I wanted, I changed the phone settings back to MTP mode and turned off Debugging mode, and turned off Developer Options, in case I accidentally did something catastrophic in Developer Mode.)

Then I went back to the S8+ Edge phone and repeated the steps to change to PTP mode, and after waiting a lot longer, the blank page finally started displaying photos, and NOT the message that ‘None of these files can be imported.’ So the photos DID eventually transfer from the phone.

Still no joy with moving pdf files to the desktop with Android File Transfer.

Another option to move files is to use Dropbox. Select photos on the phone, click on ‘Share’, choose the Dropbox icon/app, and the photos will move – but very slowly, only a few at a time.
Once they’re in Dropbox I can open Dropbox on the computer and drag the photos out of there and into the Mac’s iPhotos.

Is there some way of using Android File Transfer to actually move files FROM the phone onto the Mac? Thank you.


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Jan 7, 2016
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I'm using AFT to transfer my files off my S8 Plus to my iMac running Yosemite. I am not having any issues transferring any files back and forth.


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Feb 15, 2012
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AFT hasn't been updated in ages, and as far as I'm aware officially isn't supported by Android version after Marshmallow. I could never get it to work on my Pixel well when I had it

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