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Sep 16, 2011
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Coming over from iPhone, purchased a gently used G2X, running 2.3.3, and it is not rooted. Here are several questions. I'm going to mangle some of the names and terminology, but bear with me:

I'd like to get rid of alot of the apps, but if I have read correctly, can't do that unless I root? And rooting 2.3.3 on this phone is not quite a easy as using Superclick?

Besides gaining the ability to delete apps, what are the big advantages of rooting?

I've noticed that on the home screen, at the top notification bar (where the signal strength, wifi, etc icons are) I am getting "ads" from TMobile - so when I swipe down on that top bar, there is an ad bar that says T-Mobile Get More I like TMob, but that is just irritating. Any way to get rid of it permanently?

When I press the power button to tun the screen on, there is a button to swipe to unlock the screen, and a second button to swipe to change the phone from Silent to Audible. Once I have the phone on, that silent/audible button disappears. I want to know an easy way to change over from Audible to Silent or vice versa, when the phone is on.

The google gingerbread manual I read seemed to say that all apps could be moved off onto the SD card, however, it looks like only apps I download from the app store can be moved off?

How do you delete bookmarks from the browser?

thanks for the help.



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Jun 22, 2011
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I'm not sure I can answer all of your questions, but I'll give it a shot.

In order to get rid of any system apps (those already installed on the phone when you got it) you will need to be rooted. Of course once you root you also have the option of running a custom ROM in which most of them have already removed all of the bloatware and some have even added some apps that are nice to have.

The advantage of rooting is total control over your phone. Custom ROMs, themes, installing new kernels with the ability to overclock, etc.. Read some of the threads in the development section and you will see some other advantages. Of course the G2X doesn't seem to be supported on Android Central as much as it is on XDA. Check out those forums as well.

As far as the T-Mobile ads I believe the only way to get rid of it permenently is to root and install a custom ROM.

CM7 ROMs and some others have a power control in the notification drop down that you can toggle different modes on your phone. The other option right now is adding the power control widget to your home screen it does the exact same thing (you don't need to be rooted for this).

You are correct that you can only move downloaded apps or apps that you installed to the SD card. Any of those system apps that came with the phone can't be moved. Again, for any changes here you will need to be rooted.

You can delete bookmarks by going to bookmarks and long pressing on the bookmark you want to delete. A menu will pop up with different options, one of which is delete bookmark.

I hope this helps you out.


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Dec 14, 2010
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You can delete bookmarks by going to bookmarks and long pressing on the bookmark you want to delete. A menu will pop up with different options, one of which is delete bookmark.

You can't delete bookmarks unless you root. Once you are off of the stock version of Gingerbread, you wont have all the stupid un-deleteable bookmarks. At least, the GB based ROMs I've used didn't have any pre-loaded.

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