ANDROID INSUFFICIENT STORAGE ERROR - Phone Shows Empty Cache and Empty Download Folders

NaChae Sylvain

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Nov 20, 2016
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If your going through the dilemma I was going through the past 8 months of frustration this article I created may help.

If you have tried everything and nothing worked, review this KB article I created after finally fixing my LG D415 phone. I have a thing about throwing phones away and I was dead set on figuring it out, as it was one step away from becoming a paper weight. So far my LG phone is working like a brand new device. Check it out, and don't for get to let me know how it turned out for you.

Try what I did and I didn't need any apps. Plus my phone no longer responded to theses miner fixes nothing was showing in any of the folders on the phone I had to access my storage using my PC.

Here wrote a KB Article for it showing what I did. Let me know if this helps?

You can download the document if you need screen shots using the link below:

How to fix a “Insufficient Storage Error on LG Phone”

Any level
• Unable to download APPS
• Constant insufficient memory messages from OS
• Unable to save Contacts
• Unable to make calls
• Unable to delete contacts, messages, or photos
• Internal storage displays that it is completely full, but it’s not
• Unable to use internet do to storage issue
This problem may occur for several reasons, and requires several steps to be resolved. (As long as you are comfortable with accessing files (folders), proceed at your own risk.)
Resolution: (Not sure if this would work on other phone models, feel free to try)
1. Connect your Android LG phone or other phone to your PC with a USB cable with a (If you have a different type of phone you can try these steps and see if you come out with the same results, I used an LG-D415 for this fix.

2. Next, look for your device in the list to the left of the Explorer window (hint…under Computer) and click to view the phone internal folder, double-click the Internal Storage option. (1.1)

Before accessing any folder’s in the Internal Storage of the phone select ALL folders, create a folder on the desktop and save to the folder you created just in case you accidentally delete the wrong folder or file.

3. Open the .Temp folder, delete any pictures or screen shots found.

4. Now, travel to the Android folder follow this path (Android/data/.cliptray) delete ALL items. Go back to the main internal storage list.

5. Proceed to the DCIM folder go through and delete pictures and screen shots or any other unnecessary media from with these folders. (No worries…that’s why we backed up your folders before the fix process.)
• .Thumbnails (If you see files similar to this: THUMBDATA3-1763508120 numbers vary; do not worry about deleting the system will automatically recreate these files.)
• Browser_photos
• Camera
• Facebook (only if there’s a Facebook App)
• Tiny Scan (If you have Tiny Scan)

Additional Steps:
Perform the same steps for the following folders Download, Pictures, and VoiceRecorder, you may have some items hanging around in there delete all pictures, screenshots, and audio recordings from these folders.

6. Finally, the part that is probably familiar to ALL go through your phone’s storage and delete: Cache,

7. Go to your Apps Storage, go through and delete any old or unused apps, as well as, clicking the Uninstall Updates options on all Google Apps (this will not remove the app, but it will revert it back to the original version, this will be resolved soon).

8. Force stop all unneeded apps that you don’t want to delete.

9. Update OS once prompted, if not check for any new OS updates and install manually.

By: NaChae Sylvain