Android Samsung Galaxy Android GT-I5800 CANNOT BOOT

Harry Li

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Mar 20, 2014
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Recently some of my classmates locked my phone by trying to guess my pattern. This forced me to enter my sign into my googlemail account to unlock my phone; however, it was telling me that my username and password were wrong, even though I could log on on the computer into my googlemail account; I tried all the passwords ever set.

So I then decided to run a factory reset, so I wiped all the data, and then went to "reboot system now". It goes the the loading screen saying "GT-I5800 Samsung", but then goes back to my Android Recovery System. No matter how many times I click on "Reboot system now", it reverts back into a loop.

I have never tampered with the information on my phone, so currently I am thinking that it is faulty as I cannot find a tutorial on what to do anywhere else online. However, I have had this phone for 3-4 years at the moment and it was working fine, as it had never become locked before, so it is unlikely that I can return it.

What can I do?



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Feb 12, 2012
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Bump! I think I will try to use a USB Debugger and write to the phone, is that a good idea?
Need help!
If you need a paper weight it's a great idea.

Otherwise, bring it to your carrier (to a store that does repairs - if the nearest one doesn't, ask where the nearest one that does is located) and ask them if they can do anything to help you. Let them know that you've already factory reset, so there's nothing there to lose if they want to just reflash it.

Most carriers will just plug it in and reflash it for you. It takes about half a minute of their time (and ask if anyone wants coffee or anything while you're waiting for the flash - you're buying), because it's going to take a few minutes to flash. (And because they're getting the better of the deal and you're making friends if you need help next time.)