Android System helping cell standby not drain so much?


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Nov 18, 2016
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I have posted on a few battery threads about how awful my battery life has been since I bought my S7 in November, but I have a new related question that has not been addressed to my knowledge.

Originally, it was always cell standby that was as the top of my battery drain list by quite a bit, because I have a very poor AT&T signal at my house (despite living in a neighborhood that's supposed to have great coverage). But after not too long, Android System became the top drainer (other than when I don't manually close Weather Underground). My battery life has still be quite poor since that happened, having to recharge at the end of the day even with light to moderate usage and minimal screen time--well under a couple hours. However, it was at least better than when Cell Standby was at the top.

But I recently wiped my cache, and now Cell Standby is back at the top, and the drain is even more ridiculous. For example, with no screen time, my phone dropped to 28% after 10 hours and 20 minutes. So I'm wondering if before I wiped the cache, there was something in Android System preventing that kind of battery drain or if it was just a coincidence. Any thoughts?

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