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Android won't update


New member
Jun 10, 2017
I just got a unlocked Essential and it's on Android 7. 1. 1 with the February security patch and it says it has no updates. Anyone know why I'm not getting updates? It's the unlocked version.


Trusted Member
Jul 14, 2013
I'm not sure why it wouldn't be updating. If you feel comfortable, though, you can always manually update, downloading them from Essential (the instructions on how to do it are there, as well).

Another option people have used, when their phone isn't showing an update, is to go to Settings > Apps (or Applications) and select show All. Then find Google Services Framework and click the Clear Data button. Then click the Force Stop button. A reboot is likely also a good idea after this; then manually check for updates after the phone has restarted.

Hope this helps.