Annoying issue with a Gift Card


Dec 25, 2012
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I recently bought a Google Play Gift Card of 25? in France (because I have no credit card, I'm 17 and I live in Belgium so there are no Play cards there).

But then, when I wanted to use it, I went to the Google Play website, to the specific part of the site. It asked for my password, then I selected "France" for the country, put "75001" for the postal code, which is a correct one, and nothing happened and there's no place to fill the code in but I can't go any further without putting it. Is it a bug on the site or did I do something wrong?

Thank you!

PS: I tried connecting to the site with and without Proxmate, nothing changed. I also tried to change the VPN on my phone then connect to the GPlay app to insert the code but it told me that I can't use it in my country.


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Feb 9, 2011
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Google has online chat, they may be able to help. They were of no help with my gift card problem but yours is different. Another option might be to have someone you know and trust in another country try to input your giftcard under your gmail account.