Annoying nougat notification system!!


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Jun 15, 2011
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I know this isn't specific to the one plus, and I've dealt with it on my Nexus 6p as well, but I like you guys, so figured I'd bring it up here first.

Here's the deal, the quick reply features and much richer notification access is awesome. That's pretty much the general consensus. However, I have an issue with how the notification tray acts up when using it.

When pulled down and either quick replying, viewing a notification, reading part of an email, deleting a couple emails, etc, the notifications are constantly updating and shuffling around. So if I spend more than a few seconds deleting 5 junk emails, the emails may swap places with an SMS notification, or an app installed notification, and mess up what I'm trying to delete or swipe away. This usually causes me to tap something else or swipe away something else.

I have not found any apparent reason it does this, and it makes these features/implementations a lot less productive to use.

Wonder if anyone else runs into this issue too. I know it's not just isolated to my one plus. This has happened since the 7.0 update on my 6p and still happens on 7.1.1 on that phone.