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Aug 16, 2013
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Looking for someone to tell a story that happened to you, something you've experienced or simply an experience and do not know how to tell?

Want to let off steam, you feel frustrated and need you to talk?

Tell your stories, feelings, your day to day users of Anonymous, are people like you, you will answer and help you with your words.

- Create your own "stories" of an anonymous and the other users will answer you, help you and will give you their opinions.

- Comment on the stories of others, help them with their problems or just Laugh a little with the stories they tell you.

- Create your own private journal, write stories that do not want anyone to read, your own personal journal.

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Specifications Why Anonymous?
-> Two languages ​​(Spanish and English). We put more languages ​​gradually.
-> Three main sections (Your stories, stories of the world and private journal) and you can edit your profile at any time.
-> Totally Anonymous, share your stories, problems, every day without anyone knowing who you are, this should give you much more confidence and to have more intimate things.
-> Databases anti-theft protected.


We are available for questions and / or comments. If you have any questions or problems comment us and we'll work as soon as possible.

-> Website: Androtiyas - Aplicaciones Android | Desarrollo de Aplicaciones
-> Contact: Contacto Androtiyas or write to
-> Know Us: Desarrollo de Aplicaciones Android y Plataforma Web | Androtiyas


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