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Dec 9, 2010
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I haven't had a problem with this until today. Maybe another user has experienced this and has a fix?
I pulled into work and noticed 3g wasn't connecting. I usually leave WIFI on at work so that's not an issue but today I went to work with 94% battery life and left with 49% (usually it drains down to about 91% at MOST). I looked at the battery manager and saw that the phone app was the culprit...not the screen or any other applications running...but the PHONE. I never USED the phone! I'm thinking maybe it was a software glitch and it was constantly searching for a signal or something. I've restarted it and will check it out again tomorrow but I was curious to see if anyone else has experienced this and if you know of any fixes.
Side note: Popupui started showing up in my task manager. Every time I stopped all applications, it went away temporarily but it came back almost immediately. Not sure what that is or if it's attached to a specific application but since restarting it, it's gone. Odd.....
Anyone know what this is? I looked at a few forums and saw that it was a "safe to remove bloatware" item but...where the heck did it come from? All my apps are legit.

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