Any Good Strategy Games?


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Feb 22, 2016
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Clash Royale

I'm really getting mad playing Clash Royale. 1700 trophys and you only play against people with Tower Decks! If they don't do a good balancing in the next update I'm gone for good! Even though the game is great!

I also would say if you like strategy games go for Clash royale!
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Sep 23, 2016
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Can anyone suggest any good strategy games?

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Age of strategy is a admittedly generic titled game that most would skip over but for those who delve into the game find a highly enjoyable and in my opinion one of the very few good strategy games on android. Its not its not an on rails three lane defence type of game, nor is it a clash of clans clone it's more akin to true classic strategy games. The core gameplay is reminiscent of old style civilization games turn based simple to understand and more about countering units and planning then just rushing a base and see what happens. There is also a very fleshed out single player sporting tons of campaigns all highly unique, as well as having a nicely done and well put together multiplayer function. Age of strategy also has a huge array of unlockable units to purchases with in game currency (which you get from the campaigns) and these range from classic greek spartans, war elephants, germanic knights and even more crazy things, it has very simple graphics once again reminiscent of early civilization games and this also allows this content packed game to be super small only taking up 12mb oh and its free, frees always nice, now all these amazing features do have some cons. Gems are hard and can be time consuming to get and while theres more then enough to unlock everything it's a long winded process for some. And as a result it can be highly frustrating to buy what you think is an amazing unit only for it to be useless. However i wouldn't let the small gem issue stop you from downloading the free game.
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