Any pros out there that can help?


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Feb 28, 2014
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Okay, I've done all my research in and out of forums but i cannot find a problem like mine. I apologize if it has already been posted and that i may have missed but here i go. Whenever i recieve a phone call regardless if i answer or not, my air gestures stop working. pictures, homescreen app placement, and internet all stop working. the weird thing is that i have a lock screen that i can swipe up to unlock which works perfectly fine. I dialed *#0*# and the test run perfectly fine as well. blew air into the mic reciever and nothing helps. im getting a refurbished phone but ive had this phone since june and it sucks that im going to have to settle for a refurbed phone after my original is starting to mess up. if there is a way i can fix this please let me know. I also flashed the phone, i know all the settings to go through to activate gestures and still nothing after the first phone call or just the first 10 minutes of the phone being on.