Anyone else doing Qi Wireless Charging?


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Jul 21, 2013
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I purchased a Qi Wireless receiver from Amazon. Works great for wireless charging. It is super thin so no noticeable bulge. In addition, works with the stock cover. NFC between devices works great as well. NFC with a sticker not so much. I ended up removing the foil from the receiver as some users indicated this made it so it would have full NFC support but had the same results. No big deal but since I had some extra cash I ordered another receiver which is supposed to be "Full NFC Support". In all honesty, to me it looks like the same thing but without the foil. We will see tomorrow if it works when it is delivered. Other than that, I love it. I lay it on the Energizer Qi Charger and it charges fast. My Nexus 7 also charges quickly.
I know Samsung has an official one but requires you to change the back cover. It is also very expensive. I was able to snag the receiver for my wife and me for about $60 (Because I went for the higher model, otherwise it would have been $30). ATT had the Nokia charge plate for $24 bucks so I got two. All this for about the same price as one Samsung Wireless Charging Kit.

So anyone else enjoying wireless charging?