Anyone seen the Atrix?


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Sep 18, 2010
Visit site I checked it out at the AT&T store yesterday and at Best Buy. Well, they didn't have it on display at the latter, but I spoke with a salesperson about it.

*Really snappy and fast. Though I didn't notice it to be THAT much faster than the Epic. Seems not to stall as much when computing, though.
*Awesome display, but again, I didn't find it better than the Epic.
*Motoblur really, really sucks! People complain about Touchwiz...Motoblur is so much worse. I don't like Motoblur's task management app either.
*Nice solid design that feels great in the hand. I think it's the perfect size - not too bulky and not too thin. And 4 inches is the perfect screen size.
*AT&T data speeds are slower than Sprint's in NYC. We're not talking "4G", but 3G. I don't even use 4G here even though we have it. Anyways, the Atrix loaded pages slower than my Epic and it's not the fault of the phone.
*I loved the start button/fingerprint reader. Really clever.
*The racing game on there played very smooth and the graphics were amazing. This will be an awesome gaming phone.
*Didn't try the media dock, so can't comment on that.
*No idea about battery life and nobody I spoke with really knew either.
*Now to the notebook dock. This thing is a gimmick. While it's a really clever idea, it's basically using your phone on a bigger screen (and some of your phone's apps won't work) and you get a PC Firefox browser. Now, I could see this useful for people who only surf the web, like maybe my girlfriend, but that's about it. If you want to anything related to productivity, you have to use GDocs or the apps. Maybe GDocs might work for some. As far as I know, the dock doesn't have any storage capabilities, which is a shame. It's also really expensive and AT&T's data tethering plan for this thing is a rip-off. I can guarantee that everyone's going to go over the 4Gig allotment with a full browser, especially if they're streaming videos.
*Phone didn't seem all that popular. One store I checked out didn't even get them yet and weren't getting them until Sunday. The rep there said there was little interest. At the AT&T store that had it on display, nobody was checking the phone out and the reps weren't pushing it. The store was pretty busy. At Best Buy, the sales rep said there was some interest, but not too much and they weren't sold out. All three stores were in Midtown Manhattan. I don't think this phone will be a best seller.
*The Best Buy rep (he was the manager of the cell department) said it was the best phone they had and he was seriously considering getting it...but...he didn't want to go on AT&T and that was preventing him from making the plunge. His concern was the data plan caps and AT&T would make no exceptions on get around them. He also said that if you move from an iPhone to an Android phone, you won't be grandfathered into the unlimited data plan because AT&T considers them different. Maybe someone can clarify that.

Why I won't get it...
*AT&T's plans are more expensive and their caps suck. I use over 2 Gigs a month and I don't stream videos or anything like that. All the little things add up. Their service in NYC is awful too.
*This phone is awesome and I'd admit it's the best thing out there, but it's not THAT much faster than what I have now. I didn't notice anything groundbreaking and was a little underwhelmed.
*Notebook dock is a gimmick. I thought this was a great idea and it has potential, but the technology isn't there yet and it needs more functionality, especially considering how much they charge for it.
*I was reading that the source code is "signed". I'm not a coder or anything like that, but from what I understand, signed code makes it that much harder to make custom ROMS. Maybe someone can clarify.

But if...
*If this thing came out on Sprint, then I might change my mind. I do want to get a dual core phone sometime in the future. Or if it was unlocked, I might try it on Tmobile/Simple Mobile.

Anyone else seen it?

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