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Feb 13, 2011
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The Why?

SoftWyer are developing a new application for managing 'collections'. These can be collections of anything, but that's a hard thing to sell :D so we will skin the app for specific areas, such a 'Items in my Freezer', etc.

The What?

We have an alpha build available that has a wide range of features enabled. You can:

  • Create collections with any level of containers (e.g. shelves, drawers, fridges) and items (e.g. milk, buttons, porn)
  • Items have name, description, quantity and expiry fields. Quantity has easy access buttons to increment and decrement (think taking a pizza out of the freezer and reducing the item count by one).
  • Items can have pictures either from the camera direct or via your photos collection.
  • Drag and drop ordering of items in a container.
  • Search across all items in any collection.
  • Cloud based storage so it syncs automagically across your devices.
  • Invite other users by email to share your collection. They have full access to add/remove items and changes are synced almost immediately. (They need to install the app)
  • Product scanning by EAN/UPC. It's a bit hit and miss relying on Amazon (UK), UPCItemDB and Fridge to get details.
  • Images loaded from the web if they are detailed in the scan metadata.

The How?

Sign up to be an Alpha tester using Google Play

We're hanging out in Google Plus or contact us via this forum or at support@softwyer.com

The Risk?

It will crash. Probably a few times. It might frustrate. You'll need to sign in with a Google Account, but this could be a new throw-away one.

We're looking for feedback, not of bugs per-se, but more of the feature set. What would make it a killer app for you?

Freezer Manager is a similar app on the market that we intend to compete with.


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