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app cache folder on s5


Jan 31, 2015
Hi all. Why am I getting a random app cache folder appearing in my gallery section of my galaxy s5? I delete it then couple days later it reappears and is getting annoying now. Tried to locate it in the my files section on both device and sd card but to no avail. Any help appreciated cheers.

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B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
Is it actually called "app cache," or does it have some random name, containing lots of images that are clearly from a cache?

When apps cache images, they're supposed to put them in a folder that contains a ".nomedia" file, so that the system's Media Scanner won't add those images to the Gallery database. But not all developers are that diligent. So you may just be seeing the result. Since caches are constantly being added to, it will always come back in the Gallery as long as you continue using that app.