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Jul 18, 2012
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With IM Map Navigator, you can locate your friends or family members with your mobile phone (GPS Phone Locator). For privacy, only the people you agreed can see your location. You can also send messages when tracking.


1. Location tracking: You can locate contacts location on maps in real time and send instance message each other. You can also locate multiple users by group track.
2. Privacy Protection: The locations of anyone using this application are not recorded. Only the people you agreed can see your location. Of course, you can block anyone to get your location anytime.
3. Google Talk: Google Talk with photo message. You can chat with the people you have connected.
4. Direction: You can also get directions from where you are to your friend's location.
5. Search Place: Want to meet somewhere nearby with your friend? Just use the Search Place feature for restaurants, theaters, coffee shops, whatever.
6. Place Note: You can create your place notes with location information contain place name, location and photo etc..
7. Share Place Note: You can send your place note with your contacts real time and share with other social tools.
8. Photo save and share: You can save or share photo in photo message and place.
9. Support Wi-Fi location and location mode switch (GPS/Wi-Fi/OFF).

Keeping follow your families or friends has never been easier.

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Oct 20, 2009
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