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Dec 8, 2022
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Do you want to protect your eyes with Dark Reader on your Android browser?
Do you want to have an immersive reading experience on your Android browser?
Do you want to manage passwords on Android browsers like PC browsers?

You can realize the functions mentioned above on Lemur Browser. Lemur Browser is an Android browser that supports Chrome and Wdge extensions, such as Tampermonkey, Infinity New Tab, Bitwarden, Lastpass Password Manager, Dark Reader, etc. Users can install these extensions without sacrificing the running speed of the browser, and the compatibility of these extensions on Lemur Browser is good. Although both can install extensions, the difference between Lemur Browser and Kiwi Browser is that in addition to Chrome extensions, it also supports Edge extensions.

Then there is the excellent web page interaction of the lemur browser that has to be mentioned. Its design is similar to Chrome on the PC side, and it is very friendly to new users. You can quickly learn the operating logic of Lemur Browser and use it proficiently. You can open the Chrome or Edge extension store and search for your favorite extensions. You can also open extensions in Common Tools and manage installed extensions.

The Lemur browser is adapted to a full-screen mobile phone, and you can directly swipe from both sides of the screen to the middle to control the forward and backward of the webpage, which is an advantage compared to some browsers that can only click buttons. You can open multiple tabs without slowing down the browser. If you don't like the current tab display, you can change it in the settings.

Other functions:
1. Change the search engine, such as Google, Being, Yahoo, etc.
2. Incognito mode to protect privacy
3. Desktop mode
4. Support import or export bookmarks

If you want to install extensions in your Android browser, go to Play Store and search for Lemur Browser.
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