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Aug 3, 2016
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Breaking News & Hot Stories

Keep up with the latest news daily! Stay updated on up-to-date world news, local news, top news and news break with the best free news app, Breaking News & Hot Stories.

News for you: Get fresh news and top buzz tailored for your personal interests and favorite topics.
Hot news: The latest global news and local headlines on big events and hot topics.
World news: You will always have today's hottest international news in the form of in-depth stories, photo galleries and news clips.
Entertainment news: The latest news and top stories of TV shows, movies, music, celebrities, gossip, games, rumors and more hot topics!
Technology news: The most important tech news and insightful analysis about hardware, software, networking, apps, games, gadgets, social media, tech issues and events. Grasp the developments and trends of the tech world.
Sports news: For sports fans from all over the world to get the latest sports news and updates on scores, players and teams, covering stats, rumors, analysis, fantasy games and standings from Cricket, Tennis, Formula One, Football, Basketball...

More news channels have been added to your news feed! Get all the top headlines, current news stories, and the very latest national and world updates in politics, business, finance, health, sports and travel from the best and trustworthy national and international news sources.

Enjoy breaking news and trending stories in a simple and easy reading experience.

The news app supports English, Vietnamese, Thai and Indonesian.

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