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Apr 21, 2024
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Hey all, I'd like to introduce you to my app PhoNetInfo, an all-in-one app that shows detailed device info (e.g. mobile phone info) and network info.

PhoNetInfo retrieves detailed device info (e.g. mobile phone info) and network info such as firmware, manufacturing date, battery temperature, sensors, network operator, signal strength, cell id, wifi details, camera details, memory details, CPU details, etc. The application's language (English, German, French, Arabic) can be changed at any time. The PRO version includes a data export interface, displays no ads and is smaller in download size.

Download (FREE version): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ch.patrickfrei.phonetinfo.free
Download (PRO version): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ch.patrickfrei.phonetinfo
Changelog: http://www.patrickfrei.ch/phonetinfo/android/changelog/CHANGELOG
Readme: http://www.patrickfrei.ch/phonetinfo/android/rb1073/README

Main categories with examples:
  • General: Manufacturer, Model, Firmware, Manufacturing Date, CSC, Sales Country, Display Size, Last Reboot, etc.​
  • Battery: Battery Level, Battery Status, Health, Temperature, Voltage, Capacity, etc.​
  • Network: Network Operator, MCC, MNC, IMEI, IMSI, Cell IDs, Signal Strength, ASU, LAC, CQI, RSRQ, Bandwidth, etc.​
  • Wifi: IP, DNS, DHCP, MAC, SSID, etc.n​
  • Data: Mobile Network Interface, IP, DNS, Route(s), etc.​
  • Sensors: Name, Vendor, Power Consumption (hygrometer, barometer, magnetometer, luxmeter), etc.​
  • Camera: Supported Resolutions, Zoom, Flash, Focal Lengths, etc.​
  • Memory: RAM (total, available), etc.​
  • Mountpoints: Overview of all system mountpoints, incl. details​
  • CPU: CPU Cores Frequencies, CPU Frequency Limits, etc.​
  • Thermal: Thermal Zones Act. Temperatures and Trip Point Temperatures, etc.​
  • Secret Codes: Android Secret Codes to Unlock Hidden Phone Features​
Sample screenshots:
Screenshot_20231001-223249.png Screenshot_20231001-223253.png

Screenshot_20231001-223257.png Screenshot_20231001-223303.png

Screenshot_20231001-223318.png Screenshot_20231001-223331.png

Screenshot_20231001-223341.png Screenshot_20231001-223344.png

Screenshot_20231001-223353.png Screenshot_20231001-223358.png
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