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Hi and happy holidays!

I'm using an LG G6 with Android 7.0. Sometimes (only sometimes) when Twitter or Messanger update they create a second app icon on a third app screen. I have two icons for both apps and both point to the same apps with the same configurations meaning that the app is the same but there a two icons for it.
How an I eliminate one of the icons and/or avoid it happening again?

Thank you very much


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May 4, 2011
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Welcome to Android Central!

Open the Play Store app and go into Settings. Then, make sure “Add icon to Home screen” is disabled.

But this doesn’t explain why these apps are duplicating themselves on your home screen. Open your phone’s settings, then scroll to the Home Screen option. Under “select home,” you have the choice of “Home & app drawer” or “Home” (which is more like an iPhone, where all of your apps live on the home screen rather than having them hidden behind an app drawer like most other Android phones). I prefer the app drawer version, since it leaves me the option to customize my home screen with only the small handful of apps I use regularly.

Regarding the extra copies of apps, you can simply long-press and drag them to the top of the display and dump them into the “Remove” button.

Good luck, and let us know whether these suggestions have been helpful!

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