Apps and processes failing factory reset fails to fix the problem Can I get some help?

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Jul 26, 2015
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Apps and processes failing factory reset fails to fix the problem

I searched around a bit, but the threads I saw were related to a single app crashing or specific market apps.

My problem involves a lot of different apps. I've had this phone for less than a month, and the only apps I've downloaded are a few highly rated and popular games from the Play Store.

It seems once or twice a day, I'll go to start an app and it'll give me the "app crashed" screen with the "Force Close/Report" buttons. Often times it involves games, but it sometimes also happens with apps that came with the phone or processes that I assume are running in the background, because I won't even have anything open and it'll come up with "Verizonblahblah has crashed". (Sorry I can't recall exactly what Verizon process this was, I'll have to write it down next time it happens).
It happens with the Google Framework app sometimes, when I'm just trying to open a Google search.

This continues until I restart the phone, and then everything is fine.

Also once every couple days or so it will tell me that my swipe password is incorrect and won't let me into the phone until I restart it.

Should I try resetting to factory settings? How do I do this? Should I remove my SD card first to save the info that is stored on it?
Or does this sound more like a hardware issue?

Thank you in advance

Im having this exact problem with apps except I'm also having crashes with things like settings, gallery, android.core, and I've tried factory reset as well but I when I do the problem persists and 9/10 times I've reset it the phone gets past "erasing all data screen" and the first auto reboot then gets locked up on startup just saying LG and flashing rainbow colors over the home button never progressing further until I remove the battery for an hour or two. My phone is a LGL34C Android Tracphone
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Feb 12, 2012
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Re: Apps and processes failing factory reset fails to fix the problem

Factory reset doesn't reload the firmware on the phone, it just deletes anything that was added to the phone after it came out of the box. If some firmware is corrupted, it's still corrupted. If a system app is corrupted, it's still corrupted. Reflashing the ROM will fix the problem if there's no failed hardware.

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