Apps not working on Galaxy Tab 2 after recent update and many other issues


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Mar 16, 2014
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I have been having lots of issues with this tablet, but my immediate problem is that the Bouncy Ball app will not work after an update that was installed yesterday. I would just delete and reinstall, but my daughter had gotten up to some high level and doesn't want to lose her progress. So, I need to see if there is anything else to do.

A few weeks back, my tablet just stopped charging. We determined it was an issue with the USB data cord, so I ordered a new one from Best Buy, and when it came things seemed to work ok for a while. Then it stopped charging again. It seems like I have to jiggle it or do some sort of soft reset and then it works for a while. Anyway, since it was acting up, I was afraid we would have to send it in to get it completely reset, and all data would be lost, so I was trying to move things to the external SD card. I still can't figure out how to do that, as the USB data cable is not being recognized in any PC. I am mainly wanting pictures transferred and saved--I can handle losing any apps, etc. (except game progress would be a disappointment)
SO, in looking for solutions to the storage issue, I read about an update for the tablet that might have some new features that would help, so I downloaded it and installed it. Now everything looks very different, and the BOUNCY BALL app, in particular, won't work. It is just a blank black screen that comes up.

So, any solutions to any of this?

Thanks in advance!!!

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