Apps that the general public want

Joey Morsillo

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Feb 16, 2017
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Hey guys I'm 16 years old looking for some ideas to make an app for both Android and iOS, what are some ideas for app that would be very useful in today's society? I want the app ideas that aren't already on the App Store and I want to make an app that everyone wants but couldn't have.


Jul 14, 2011
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iMessage for Android :p haha

All joking aside, I'd love an app that can copy my RFID card and emulate it with NFC (technically possible, for some ethically immoral, for the most part, locked down in the OS). Also a Gallery app that shows pictures with a little bit more 'flair': automatically detects faces and 'frames' them with a sci-fi interface...maybe even add location since most pictures have geotagging information. THAT would be cool (for me) and not found yet in any app store.