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Asus memopad hd7 173X Probelm Help !


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Oct 11, 2014
The first thing' i noticed was that playing words with friends , when i had the blank the letter i choose wouldn't show it would choose the one next to it or below or above never the one i wanted , however since then it has started playing up eg... taking random screen shots wouldn't stop , i am unable to choose any apps just not responsive at all .
I have done the factory reset using the power on button and volume button.
I can't get past the choose your language as i can't press anything at all will not respond .
I have looked inside and the two strips with the white lines are ok , i am not sure what anything else is .
The problem i have is i bought it in US B&H and it is still under warranty which is a shame as i am in France and England and the warranty doesn't cover Europe , so no use at all.
I can't help thinking there must be a way of fixing it as it does come on so that is a start ..
If anyone has any ideas or can show the inside and tell me what i may need to do . I know there are replacement parts but i wouldn't have a clue which is which .
Fingers and toes crossed
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