AT&T Galaxy Note 3 not accepting/dloading MMS pic messages

Tribalic One

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Apr 1, 2014
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My gf recently bought an AT&T Galaxy Note 3, and last night I sent a pic via MMS. I didn't see the error myself, but what she said, is it wasn't allowing her to dload or view the pic. I sent the pic from a Sprint GS3 using GoSMS text app. I originally sent it at its full size, 1.8 MB, and she couldn't see anything. I went into my settings, and turned off my "Preserve image resolution" setting. She received a small image. It was to small for her to make out what was in it tho. I asked her to look in her settings without any luck. This is her first Android device, and has had iPhone since their existence. I'll be getting my hands on the Note 3 this weekend.

Anyone have a similar situation, or have any fixes/suggestions?

Thanks in advance!