Attempting to refresh Android MediaStore Database but have run into a few difficulties


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Oct 27, 2022
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I have a Samsung S20 running Android 12. In the past, I have refreshed the Android MediaStore Database successfully on this phone by clearing the data of the Media Storage system app and then rebooting so it can be rebuilt. However, as of just a few hours ago, I'm not able to find the Media Storage (or Media Store) apps (even with the option to view system apps on). I'm quite positive I've seen it before today, though. There is, however, an app I hadn't noticed before titled "Media" ( Perhaps this is a replacement for the Media Store app, though I can't imagine why? In any case, I'm unable to clear the data of this Media app because the button is greyed out (

I've seen that others have found a way around this, by using adb to refresh the media database. I have made a slight attempt at this (I was able to get the terminal to spit out "Success" after entering some code that is supposed to start the database refresh process. But following this and a phone reboot, plus an SD cart mount/unmount for good measure, I haven't seen any evidence that the media scanner is running and the database being rebuilt. I have also tried using adb to get the media scanner to start but I'm very unfamiliar with coding and almost certainly have an error in the code.

Anyway, my questions are:
1. Is that Media app the same as the Media Storage app, and thus is what needs its data cleared to begin rebuilding the database?
2. If the Media app IS what I'm after, how do I clear the data with the button greyed out?
3. Is there some alternative I'm missing?

Thanks so much in advance for your help

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