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Jul 21, 2013
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Hi everyone. I am just looking to see if anyone has some tips that I may be missing for missed texts or calls or if there is an app which would work. The Attentive Display is nice, but it seems on the Droid Turbo there are obvious functions it could use. (Unless I am missing them). If I get a message and my phone is not on me, there is no way I can see if I have a message unless I wave my hand over the phone. I think it lights up every so often, but that isn't very helpful.

Given the long battery life and the fact that the LED would only light up the Attentive Display, it wouldn't hinder that. Wouldn't it make more sense for the time and message icon to stay on continuously until you either delete it or do something with the message? Are there any 3rd party apps that work well to give a notification noise every x minutes. I used to use Light View with my previous phone, and it worked perfectly. I tried Alert Me, and had some success for a bit, but then it stopped working.

My friends who use phones never seem to care, but I don't see how one can use a smartphone without some type of missed notification. There are many times I will get a text, and it is not convenient to answer them at that time. I will easily forget completely about it for hours without a notification.

Any ideas?



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